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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


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Donald Kossuth

A great example of digital engagement with new regular givers ,with results; congratulations.

mark phillips

Hi Donald

I'm glad you like it and really appreciate your kind words. It's the result of a great deal of hard work and a little recognition really makes it worthwhile.

Best wishes



Results seem self fulfilling. The cohort of donors signing onto USPACE will be those with a strong affinity and would have a low attrition anyway. Am I missing something?

mark phillips

Hi Yaelwass

If you combine both cohorts - those who signed up and those that didn't – overall attrition is significantly down compared to the previous year.

Face to face donors tend to lapse at well over 50% and in research we see satisfaction and engagement levels from those remaining is often very low.

Of course, some of those donors who move to USPACE may have an affinity with CARE (or most likely, development issues). But what is most exciting is that we are building affinity where it simply didn't exist before – amongst donors who have been attracted by the knowledge that they are going to see how their gifts have been used.

I probably failed to make clear that this offer was central to the recruitment process and can not be discounted as influencing the very low attrition rate we have seen.

CARE promised feedback and have delivered. It's a very powerful brand experience.

However you look at it, donors were attracted by the offer of online feedback and the result has been much lower attrition across the board.

Thanks for reading.


I would like to learn more about USPACE but google keeps pointing me to sites that I don't think are the same as what you are talking about. Can you direct me?

mark phillips

Hi Kim

Unfortunately this post is the only information that we currently have available on USPACE. But in response to the interest it's generated, we are currently putting together a more detailed product description. I'll announce on the blog as soon as it is available.

Thanks for reading.


Sammy Hall04

Hi Mark,

I have read with interest this blog and am looking at implementing something similar at the charity I work with.You mentioned back in July that you were putting together a more detailed product description - are you any further with this and where could I get more information?

Look forward to your reply


Jill Ruchel

Yes I'd love to see more about this as soon as it is available. I work with a number of charities that would benefit from it.


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