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Sunday, December 16, 2012


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Pamela Grow

Love this post, Mark. And it so reminds me of an organization here in the states, a regional social service organization serving women and children, that I became familiar with long before I entered this field. I was working at a grant-making foundation and whenever a proposal from this particular organization came in, everyone, from the president on down, couldn't wait to get their hands on it. This organization's founder knew your secret...every proposal built on the last. They were like reading a magazine serialization...or a soap opera.

A great lesson for fundraisers - and grant proposal writers too.

Blase Ciabaton

Mark, what an amazing post! Well written and well done. It illustrates the point that you're trying to make beautifully. Thank you for sharing!

Brock Warner

Loved this post!

Roger Craver

As always, Mark, a terrific piece of insight and advice delivered in true Phillips style.

Thank you.

Roger Craver
The Agitator

Simone Joyaux

Hey Mark. Great story about stories. I have photos of you and Tom as Darth and Luke - from our great fundraising theatre at Toronto Congress. Best in 2013. Simone

Joanne Wallace

Brilliant post, Mark. Especially since here in Canada we are breathlessly awaiting the next episode of Downton Abbey. Imagine if we could bring that power to our fundraising.

mark phillips

Thanks very much for the kind comments. Makes all the hard work worthwhile.


Brilliant post Mark - and I am just about to direct a client to it! I have done the old 'hero, adversity' writing workshop but have been hit with a blank stare - or two - so I am going to direct them to your Eastenders/Star Wars analogy because it might just work!

So often people get bogged down in the 'writing about my organisation' and forget that they need to write a good old yarn - this is fab. Shared.

Stefan Pfa:nder

Very good thoughts, thank you very much for sharing. Soaps are not aleays bad :-).
Best from Germany, Stefan

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